Meet the Women


Kigali, Rwanda

Brick Manufacturing
Rwanda Bricks Ltd
partner school
William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan
I credit 10,000 Women for helping make my business more successful.

Business Overview

My business is brick-making and a stone quarry.


I had to start my brick manufacturing business three times before I finally made it successful. Before my third attempt, I had to ask my employees if they would be willing to work without pay until after the bricks were sold. Determined to make my business successful, I stayed long after my employees went home, sometimes working until two in the morning.


My hard work paid off. Today, I employ 16 people and have a thriving business. I credit 10,000 Women for helping make my business more successful. I have been able to purchase more land for brick manufacturing, hire a financial manager and add more employees. I reach out to women in my community because I know it'sits difficult caring for your household if you are financially struggling. I intentionally try to hire women.

I enjoy sharing my good fortune with others. I recently financed a water pump house for my community and I plan to train my employees on the skills I learned from 10,000 Women. The goodwill between the community and me are mutual. When the community heard on the radio that I had won an award as part of the program, they pulled together and bought me a cow.

Future Goals

Once I complete my training, I plan to apply for a loan to buy equipment to increase my capacity and build a shed for my supplies, and also to train my employees with what I have learned.