Meet the Women

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  • Alice

    Bakery Nairobi, Kenya More

  • Anagha

    Packaging Hyderabad, India More

  • Andeisha

    Child Care Kabul, Afghanistan More

  • Ayodeji

    Catering Lagos, Nigeria More

  • Binbin

    Music Boxes Beijing, China More

  • Cao

    Childcare Beijing, China More

  • Carla

    Manufacturing São Paulo, Brazil More

  • Christine

    Beauty School Monrovia, Liberia More

  • Christine

    Restaurant Management Monrovia, Liberia More

  • Christine

    Winemaking Kigali, Rwanda More

  • Ciiru

    Children's Furniture Nairobi, Kenya More

  • Detoun

    Human Resources Lagos, Nigeria More

  • Dipali

    Handloom Textile Industry Hyderabad, India More

  • Divya

    Printing Hyderabad, India More

  • Esnart

    Education Samfya, Zambia More

  • Evania

    Gardening Tools São Paulo, Brazil More

  • Fatema

    Carpentry Kabul, Afghanistan More

  • Fatima

    Construction Kabul, Afghanistan More

  • Fresky

    Commercial Transportation Nairobi, Kenya More

  • Gircilene

    Corporate Catering Belo Horizonte, Brazil More

  • Ibironke

    Technology Lagos, Nigeria More

  • Immaculee

    Brick Manufacturing Kigali, Rwanda More

  • Janet

    Bottled Water Nairobi, Kenya More

  • Joy

    Herbs Manila, Philippines More

  • Juan

    Household Goods Hangzhou, China More

  • Jun

    Ethnic Art Crafts Yunnan, China More

  • Kabeh

    African Cooking Oils Monrovia, Liberia More

  • Kalyani

    Manufacturer of Organic Ayurvedic personal care products Hyderabad, India More

  • Laila

    Beauty Salon Kabul, Afghanistan More

  • Linlin

    Early Childhood Education Beijing, China More

  • Liu

    Custom Shoes Beijing, China More

  • Lucy

    Manufacturing Paper Products Nairobi, Kenya More

  • Madhu

    Designer Bengaluru, India More

  • Malalay

    Textiles Kabul, Afghanistan More

  • Mamatha

    Water Tank Cleaning Hyderabad, India More

  • Mary

    Construction Hardware Nairobi, Kenya More

  • Mona

    Publishing Cairo, Egypt More

  • Nora

    Printing and Publishing Cairo, Egypt More

  • Noramay

    Industrial Gases Manila, Philippines More

  • Ojoma

    Architecture Lagos, Nigeria More

  • Penelope

    Technology Samfya, Zambia More

  • Petronella

    Microfinance Samfya, Zambia More

  • Placidie

    Tailoring and Décor Kigali, Rwanda More

  • Priviledge

    Accessories Samfya, Zambia More

  • Anastasie

    Furniture Kigali, Rwanda More

  • Rasha

    Authentic Egyptian Art Production Cairo, Egypt More

  • Reem

    Tourism Cairo, Egypt More

  • Rosana

    Steel Product Manufacturing Belo Horizonte, Brazil More

  • Rosani

    Manufacturing Sete Lagoas, Brazil More

  • Saida

    Corporate Cleaning Services Cairo, Egypt More

  • Sandhya

    Design Hyderabad, India More

  • Sarvamangala

    Women's Apparel Hyderabad, India More

  • Seema

    Interior Designer Delhi, India More

  • Shah

    Interior Design Islamabad, Pakistan More

  • Shama

    Energy Efficient Window and Door Design and Manufacturing Pune, India More

  • Sharmila

    Manufacturing Hyderabad, India More

  • She

    Technology Beijing, China More

  • Shonoiki

    Animal Nutrition Lagos, Nigeria More

  • Shweta

    Auto components machining Pune, India More

  • Tatiana

    Furniture Manufacturing Belo Horizonte, Brazil More

  • Teodora

    Security Systems Manila, Philippines More

  • Varsha

    Fashion Design Hyderabad, India More

  • Victoria

    Design and Printing Nairobi, Kenya More

  • Xiaoxin

    Hand-painted Canvas Shoes Hangzhou, China More

  • Xiaoyan

    Manufacturing Changshu, China More

  • Xiuping

    Hearing Aid Devices Hangzhou, China More

  • Yuan

    Clothing Tianjin, China More

  • Zhang

    Fashion Design Beijing, China More