Meet the Women


Manila, Philippines

DS Pinoy Organic and Herbal Store
partner school
IESE and University Asia and the Pacific
Because of my 10,000 Women experience, DS Pinoy is well on its way to being known as a popular brand.

Business Overview

DS Pinoy Organic and Herbal Store manufactures and trades bio-cosmetic products out of the moringga plant, locally known as "malunggay." I currently sell these products at bazaars and kiosks.


The major challenges that I face in my business are the lack of awareness about the health benefits of "malunggay" and competition from the pharmaceutical industry and other businesses that manufacture organic products. It is also challenging and expensive to secure the necessary licenses and permits to manufacture my products.


10,000 Women gave me the confidence to deal with licensing officials. As a result, my products recently successfully passed eight new laboratory tests and are undergoing approval by the Bureau of Food and Drugs thus enabling me to offer new products. We now accept large orders of "malunggay" seeds, cuttings, and seedlings for farms, powder for food use, and press cakes for animal feeds. As a result of these developments, my five employees grew to eight.

I have also applied what I learned in the marketing course to strengthen my educational campaign to inform consumers of the health benefits of "malunggay". Our products are now being carried by a store in Mandaluyong Ciy and two dermatology clinics. We are targeting to open two more weekend markets by February 2010.

Future Goals


I plan to strengthen the brand DSPinoy. In the future, I will add products to the personal care line and expand my range into cooking products, like moringga puree and oil. I hope that I will soon be able to open my own store that will carry all my products.