Meet the Women


Manila, Philippines

Industrial Gases
M21 Gas Center
partner school
IESE and University Asia and the Pacific
Before, I ran my business through gut feeling and intuition, but now I run my business by planning, strategizing, delegating and effective decision making. Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women has armed me to become a better woman entrepreneur.

Business Overview

M21 Gas Center is a retail M21 Gas Centerer of industrial gases.


Currently, all my employees are males and there is no camaraderie or respect for the hierarchy of authority. I have not had previous training in business and management especially in accounting and finance, which has been particularly challenging.


10,000 Women has taught me how to run my business. I now use journal entries and disbursement books to keep track of my expenses. My employees are more motivated and have been given formal titles, increased salaries, and upgraded benefits. I have strengthened my public relations skills which has helped me deal with government authorities, suppliers, and clients. I have also become more concerned about safety in the workplace.

Since graduating 10,000 Women, business is booming. We met our sales quota for the last three months of 2009 and our gross sales were up last quarter (40% of our annual sales were made last quarter alone). We have closed several new deals including supplying new gases such as argon and nitrogen. We have expanded our LPG tanks product line-up and added new products including welding and cutting outfits, and medical regulators for oxygen tanks, twin hoses, oxygen fittings and cuttings.

Future Goals

My goal is to be not just a dealer but also a distributor of my own brand of industrial gases within the next five years.