Corporate Engagement

Goldman Sachs and its people are committed to helping communities where we work and live – and in places more distant – where our ideas, people and resources can make a difference.

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Since 2008, Goldman Sachs has committed in excess of $1.6 billion to philanthropic initiatives. By supporting programs that help solve crucial social and environmental issues, we commit ourselves to taking philanthropic action based on discipline, innovation and a strategic approach over the long term. Goldman Sachs works with over 100 academic and nonprofit partners and is routinely among the leaders identified in the Chronicle of Philanthropy. In 2011, one of Goldman Sachs’ philanthropic programs, 10,000 Women, received the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy’s coveted Chairman’s Award.

In all of our philanthropic investments, we adhere to four guiding principles: 

  • Align with our core business by focusing on economic growth and community engagement.
  • Establish networks of nonprofit and educational partners who have world-class expertise and experience.
  • Measure results to ensure maximum success.
  • Engage the time and talent of the people of Goldman Sachs at all levels of the firm.

Goldman Sachs' philanthropic efforts include the following four major initiatives, which advance the firm's objective of driving economic growth and making a difference. 

  • 10,000 Women

    10,000 Women is a five-year, $100 million global initiative to help grow local economies by providing 10,000 underserved female entrepreneurs with a business management education, access to mentors and networks, and links to capital.

  • 10,000 Small Businesses

    10,000 Small Businesses is a $500 million investment to help small businesses create jobs and drive economic growth by providing entrepreneurs with a practical business education, the opportunity to access capital, and business support services. The program is now active in 15 markets across the country.

  • Goldman Sachs Gives

    Goldman Sachs Gives is a donor-advised fund through which Goldman Sachs and its current and retired senior employees can recommend grants to qualifying nonprofit organizations globally. Since 2010, more than 12,600 grants totaling $667 million have been donated to over 3,000 charities across 35 countries.

  • Community TeamWorks

    Community TeamWorks is a global volunteer initiative that enables our people to drive tangible progress in communities where we work and live. One day a year, people from our offices work in partnership with local nonprofit organizations around the world, contributing their expertise and ideas to help make a meaningful difference.