Environmental Markets
Global Investment Research

As part of our Global Investment Research division, we integrate environmental, social value and other relevant factors into our fundamental analysis of individual companies and industry sectors. We believe that understanding environmental risks and business opportunities leads to a more complete investment analysis.


Goldman Sachs’ GS SUSTAIN team continues to expand analysis of companies, further helping clients identify ESG outperformers and structural leaders. Last May, GS SUSTAIN announced a major expansion of its analysis to nearly 1,400 mid-to-large-sized companies globally, following the collection and analysis of nearly 100,000 ESG data points from publicly available sources. In 2013, our goal is to expand GS SUSTAIN further as it becomes increasingly integral to global investment research at Goldman Sachs. 

Global Clean Energy Research

The Global Clean Energy Research team follows clean energy companies around the world, including producers of wind, solar, biofuels and energy efficiency technologies. Leveraging one of the broadest geographic and technological platforms in equity research across a global team allows for in-depth supply chain knowledge and greater awareness of catalysts likely to affect renewable energy broadly. While 2012 was a challenging year given oversupply and a shifting policy landscape that impacted various renewable end markets, Goldman Sachs’ global research team continued its commitment to a broad coverage footprint with a sector initiation of the LED group in China, a relaunch of coverage on the US bioproducts sector, in addition to company initiations on US clean energy IPOs, including Ceres and SolarCity.

Global Markets Institute

The Global Markets Institute (GMI) conducts global macroeconomic research on environmental themes, such as the impact of climate change, energy efficiency, energy policy and the challenges of reconciling environmental protection with economic growth. This research also encompasses demographic themes, such as aging populations, urbanization and the role of women in global economies.

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