Environmental Markets

Each of our business areas have an important role to play in implementing our commitments under the Environmental Policy Framework (Framework) and contributing to environmental progress.

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For example, our Investment Banking and Investment and Lending businesses help provide capital and advice to advance environmentally responsible projects and transactions. In Institutional Client Services, we seek opportunities to create more efficient and liquid markets for environmental products and services through our market making activities. Investment Management incorporates an understanding of environmental impacts and capabilities into our efforts to manage and preserve the assets of our clients.

The Environmental Markets Group (EMG) coordinates and oversees the implementation of our Framework and works closely with each business area to ensure our people, capital and ideas are effectively leveraged. EMG provides guidance on environmental issues, develops training and resources, and engages with a variety of stakeholders to inform and strengthen Goldman Sachs’ environmental efforts. EMG also works with transaction teams in conducting environmental, social and governance reviews across our business selection decisions. This helps us more effectively manage risks, better serve the interests of our clients and yields greater benefit for the environment and broader society.

EMG also manages the Center for Environmental Markets, where we collaborate with corporations, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations to research and develop market-based solutions to environmental challenges. We have a number of research and pilot project partnerships to help inform public policy and promote financial solutions to address environmental challenges.