Environmental Policy Framework

A healthy global environment supports the growth of economies and communities. As a firm, we depend on strong and sustainable economies and communities to survive and thrive.

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We take seriously our responsibility for environmental and social stewardship and are committed to leveraging our people, capital and ideas to create effective market-based solutions that help address critical environmental issues.

Our Environmental Markets Group (EMG) coordinates and oversees the Environmental Policy Framework (Framework), while respective business units are responsible for implementation. The Board of Directors reviews the Framework and its implementation. EMG sits in the Executive Office and reports to the Office of the Chairman.

The Framework embodies our commitment to developing effective market-based solutions to address climate change, ecosystem degradation and other critical environmental issues, and to creating new business opportunities that benefit the environment. Each of our business areas has an important role to play in meeting this commitment. For example, our investing businesses will take the lead in identifying opportunities in clean technology and renewable energy. As market makers, we continue to look for opportunities to create more efficient markets for environmental products and services. Across our business selection decisions, we take into consideration environmental and social impacts and practices of our clients and potential clients. This is in line with our commitment to environmental and social stewardship, prudent risk management, and serving the best interests of our clients.