Operational Impact
Maximizing the Use of Green Building Standards

As a result of our consistent use of green building standards, over 50 percent of our global office space portfolio (over 5.2 million sq ft) has now achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) international standard for measuring building sustainability. Goldman Sachs’ green building standards help ensure that the design, construction and operation of our facilities support a healthy, more energy-efficient environment.

We achieved the significant milestone of obtaining LEED certification for over 50%, or more than 5.2 million square feet, of our global footprint with the 2013 certification of our Melbourne office. As of April 2014 our LEED portfolio consists of 16 offices with six additional projects in the pipeline for LEED (or equivalent) certification.  Other recent LEED certifications for commercial interiors include LEED Gold for offices in California, Dubai, London, and Sydney, and LEED Platinum for Sao Paulo, highlighting the global reach of our achievements. Recently ranked in the Top 10 Financial Service Leaders by square footage of certified space by the USGBC, we are one of the world’s largest owners and tenants of LEED-certified commercial real estate in the New Construction and Commercial Interiors categories.

Key environmental features on our green portfolio include:

  • Daylight Harvesting: Lighting sensors respond to daylight by dimming the lights throughout the office
  • Occupancy Sensors: Lights turn on or off based on floor occupancy
  • Under Floor Air Conditioning: Individuals can adjust the amount of airflow at their workstations, which reduces the need to cool air above height level
  • Sustainable Materials: Use of Forest Stewardship Council Certified wood and non-toxic, sustainably produced and recycled materials throughout the building contribute to indoor environmental quality and result in less waste
  • Greenguard-Certification: Use of furniture systems that promote good indoor air quality