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About Global Liquidity Management

The Global Liquidity Management (GLM) team provides money market and short duration fixed income solutions with a mission of preserving capital, providing liquidity and offering competitive yields.

Our high-quality liquidity solutions are differentiated by:



Separate and Independent Credit Analysis

Since 1981, we have extended and strengthened our focus on credit quality by leveraging capabilities within the Goldman Sachs Credit Risk Management and Advisory Group. Members of this team construct and maintain GSAM’s Money Market Credit Approved List, communicate daily with GSAM portfolio managers and review and approve all additions, deletions and/or changes to the List.

Advantage: An unbiased credit review process that helps evaluate and manage risk in all environments


A Strong Team and Proven Investment Process

Our senior portfolio managers offer an average of 15 years* industry experience, and the team has experienced historically low turnover. In addition, the investment process used to manage our 17 U.S. and multi currency (US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Renminbi and Indian Rupee1) money market and short duration funds2 benefits from years of continuous evolution as well as firm wide economic and sector expertise .


Advantage: Organizational continuity and experience combined with rigorous management of credit, interest rate and liquidity risk


Fiduciary Responsibility in Serving Clients’ Interests

GSAM serves in a fiduciary role to the Goldman Sachs Mutual Funds since the Funds themselves are clients of GSAM. This fiduciary responsibility, combined with GSAM’s deep-rooted risk management and distinction between credit and portfolio management, gives clients confidence that their assets are managed with professionalism and integrity.


Advantage: Layers of independent scrutiny and quality control – plus objective checks and balances in challenging or rapidly changing risk environments

* As of March 31. 2014.

1 Please note, the GSAM Indian rupee money market strategy is offered by Goldman Sachs Asset Management (India) Private Limited, which is part of the Goldman Sachs group. Please note, GSAM may only offer the RMB strategies to foreign investors who are permitted to invest in the RMB market by the PRC regulations, for example, Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors, Foreign Central Banks, etc. Beijing Gao Hua Securities Company Limited (“Gao Hua”), a strategic partner of Goldman Sachs, may also offer the RMB strategies to the PRC domestic investors. Gao Hua is a securities company in China licensed by the China Securities Regulatory Commission to conduct, amongst others, client asset management business. GSAM money market pooled vehicle products denominated in US dollar, euro, British pound, Australian dollar, Japanese yen and Renminbi seek to maintain a stable Net Asset Value (NAV), whereas the Indian rupee strategy does not hold this objective.