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Guide to Money Market Funds

In recent years, regulatory changes and investment guidelines have assisted in the tracking and diversification of money market fund risk. This has been supported by a stable net asset value (NAV) of $1 per share which continued to ensure a high degree of diligence and discipline within the money market industry.

Outlined in this section is an overview of Rule 2a-7 guidelines for money market funds and triple-A rating guidelines for money market funds. Please note that this is not a comprehensive review of all Rule 2a-7 and triple-A rated guidelines.


Triple-A Guidelines   A short description of what qualifies a money market fund as top-rated.


First- and Second-Tier Securities   A quick overview on what type of first tier securities our Money Market Funds are invested in.


Rating Guidelines   A brief outline how independent rating agencies help us determine the credit quality of each security.


Glossary of Terms   Learn definitions of language associated with fixed income and money market investing through our extensive Glossary of Terms.


External Resources   Gain in-depth information about other parts of the firm as well as gain access to additional market and industry insights.