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The Goldman Sachs Liquidity Solutions Portal delivers streamlined liquidity management capabilities, broad investment opportunities and comprehensive tools and resources for trading, reporting, and researching needs.

Accessible via, clients have the opportunity to increase their investing simplicity and operational efficiency and gain access to expert resources.   


Investing Simplicity

The ease of managing all liquidity investments on one screen, in real time, with simple navigation.

  • Selection of funds representing the major global players in the money market fund space
  • Direct access to Fund performance, holdings, fact cards, prospectuses and robust Fund research capabilities

  • Simple navigation: Few clicks to access information and enter transactions

  • Single screen view of investor positions at fund and account level


Operational Efficiency and Controls

Increased confidence and control through a single access point, consolidated settlement and robust reporting.

  • Customizable reporting capabilities for current and historical account and rate information; 24/7 availability of downloadable reports; seamless Treasury Work Station integration
  • Enhanced analytics via Clearwater and risk analysis of money fund holdings report
  • Real-time account and rate information
  • Consolidated purchase settlement and online statement availability
  • Flexible user access levels



Expert Resources

Support and insight as the economic and risk environments change and liquidity management opportunities evolve.

  • Geographically-focused, highly-credentialed Client Service team providing solutions and swift, accurate responses to inquiries
  • Perspectives on liquidity management challenges and opportunities
  • Insight and direction from our consultative Distribution Services team
  • Access to an extensive library of commentary and product information for MMFs

This trading Portal is part of GSAM’s Liquidity Solutions team which engages with our clients on multiple levels and expands the resources of their organization through expert shareholder services, product management, operational support and distribution services.
For more information, please contact your GSAM representative, or call us at 1-800-621-2553.