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Thank you for visiting our website. Kindly note that effective from, November 5, 2016, the right to manage and administer all the schemes (“Schemes”) of Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund (“GSMF”) has been transferred from Goldman Sachs Asset Management (India) Private Limited (“GSAM AMC”) to Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Limited (formerly Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited) (“Reliance AMC”), the asset management company of Reliance Mutual Fund (“RMF”), and the trusteeship of all the Schemes have been handed over from Goldman Sachs Trustee Company (India) Private Limited (“GSAM TC”) to Reliance Capital Trustee Co. Limited (“Reliance TC”), the trustee company of RMF. Consequently, GSAM TC and GSAM AMC are no longer the trustee company and asset management company, respectively, for the Schemes and Reliance TC and Reliance AMC are the trustee company and asset management company of the Schemes.

The ‘Effective Date’ for the purposes of the Communication sent to Unit Holders of the Schemes dated August 29, 2016 is ‘November 5, 2016’. Therefore, on and from November 5, 2016, all the Schemes of GSMF have been transferred to RMF and are now an integral part of RMF. 

For any queries or regulatory details relating to the Schemes which have been transferred to RMF, please visit the website of RMF ( or call their customer service center on 1800 300 11111 or email on

For any queries regarding GSAM AMC and/or GSAM TC (which are not relating to the Schemes), please  email to

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