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Pension Solutions

At Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM), we seek to provide innovative pension solutions, taking into consideration current market perspectives and client-specific challenges. Our group of pension specialists1 brings significant industry experience and expertise, drawing upon the broad resources of the firm to serve pension plans globally.2


GSAM Pension Solutions partners with clients to bridge the gap of advice and execution. By combining the perspectives of former actuaries, portfolio managers and pension strategists, and leveraging the broader global resources of GSAM and Goldman Sachs, we design, implement and execute highly customized, liability-oriented solutions. We have experience across the pension solution spectrum, including traditional long-duration fixed income portfolio management, liability-driven investment glide path creation and implementation, customized liability benchmark development, duration overlays, risk transfer preparation and holistic portfolio management solutions. We have a range of offerings that are appropriate for plans of all sizes and in different phases of the pension life-cycle.

Risk management—the central focus for pensions—is a key strength of GSAM’s. At Goldman Sachs, risk management is critical to our business. Our proprietary risk management system provides our portfolio managers and strategists insight into the unique risk factors embedded in pension liabilities, allowing them to craft innovative solutions in today’s ever-changing environment. We have a long history of partnering with pension plans to determine and implement a range of risk management strategies, with a focus on asset-liability management. Incorporating market perspectives into de-risking strategies, we have also assisted plans through large pension transactions, including annuitizations with insurers, contribution analysis and lump sum cashouts.

GSAM has extensive experience developing and managing customized pension portfolios, including preparation for risk transfer activities. GSAM has nearly two decades3 of experience managing long duration assets, with more than $38 billion in pension and long-duration assets under supervision as of June 30, 2015. We employ a well-developed philosophy and process focused on the objectives and constraints of each individual pension plan with an emphasis on customization, consistent performance and risk management.


1Key personnel involved in our Pension Solutions effort are comprised of members of our Fixed Income, Global Portfolio Solutions and USI teams which are distinct groups separated by information barriers.
2GSAM leverages the resources of Goldman, Sachs & Co. subject to legal, internal and regulatory restrictions.
3Whilst the name of the team responsible for fiduciary management at GSAM has changed over the course of the past several years, any historical references to this group of investment professionals who offer this service at GSAM is presented under the name of Global Portfolio Solutions.