New Risk Report Launched by the Economist Intelligence Unit and Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Findings show investors completely re-appraising what is 'safe' and what is 'risky'

The financial crisis and the ensuing volatility in the global economy and capital markets have challenged traditional wisdom about the risks associated with investing. More than ever, there is now a pressing need for investors to have a clear idea of the risks they are taking, as that can influence the amounts invested, the asset classes targeted and the specific products selected.

Research Scope

289 respondents across Europe, including:

  • Private investors
  • Corporate investors
  • Financial advisors

Key Findings

  • Volatility is increasingly perceived as the norm
  • UK investors were more prepared for the crisis than European investors
  • Perceived risk in all asset classes has risen and traditional safe haven asset classes such as cash and fixed income have been challenged.
  • Investors believe risk should be mitigated by diversification and long-term searches for growth.
  • The change of investment mindset that is required is illustrated by the fact that 96 % of European investors now find their personal investment goals more difficult to achieve.