Clean Technology and Renewables

Since 2006, Goldman Sachs has invested our intellectual and financial capital through the Center for Environmental Markets in global partnerships, with a primary focus on addressing water scarcity, energy efficiency and clean energy.

Global Partnerships to Address Key Environmental Issues 

Center for Environmental Markets

As part of our commitment in our Environmental Policy Framework, we established the Center for Environmental Markets to further public policy options and market based tools to address climate change and other environmental challenges. Through the Center, we partner with other companies, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations on independent research, working with them to navigate implementation challenges, and sharing our findings through publications, research papers, conferences and targeted outreach.

Recent Partnerships

  • A partnership with the World Resources Institute, GE, and other corporations to develop a global water risk assessment tool, Aqueduct. The first stage of the tool made its online debut in 2011 with data for the Yellow River Basin in China, and will enable companies, investors and local governments to capture more effectively the various components of water-related risk in order to make more informed investment, operational and policy decisions.
  • A partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council and other organizations to build the business case and drive energy-efficiency in commercial buildings. By creating a model for scaling energy-efficiency retrofits that includes potential financing alternatives, we hope that more commercial property owners and their tenants will see the removal of barriers to creating energy-efficient workplaces.
  • A partnership with Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, which analyzed policy initiatives that, in the absence of comprehensive federal climate and energy legislation, could provide greater long-term certainty to businesses and encourage investment in low-carbon infrastructure and technological innovation.
  • Other recent partnerships include collaboration with Resources for the Future’s Center for Climate and Electricity Policy on effective energy efficiency policies and sponsoring the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Bren School of Environmental Science & Management and Wildlife Conservation Society’s assessment on the bio-economics of marine protected areas in southern Chile.

Our Commitment

We believe that helping to finance market-based, scalable solutions to environmental issues is important. We also recognize that we can and need to go beyond our day-to-day activities. The Center allows us to apply our full organizational potential to the identification and implementation of solutions that will have a constructive and meaningful impact on environmental issues.