Clean Technology and Renewables

At Goldman Sachs, we believe that capital markets can and should play an important role in creating opportunities to address today’s environmental challenges. The firm has set a $40 billion target for financing and investing in clean technology companies over the next decade. On this page, we share some of our latest thinking on the clean tech market – in sectors such as solar, wind, geothermal, energy-efficiency, green transportation and advanced biofuels – along with efforts to develop market-based solutions to some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

The Clean Technology and Renewables Market

Stuart Bernstein, global head of the Clean Technology and Renewables Group in our Investment Banking Division, discusses opportunities and challenges facing the clean tech market today, and the role that financial institutions like Goldman Sachs are playing to develop this “emerging” market.  


China and the Environment

Mark Schwartz, vice chairman of Goldman Sachs and chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia Pacific, discusses the environmental challenges facing China and how the country’s leadership plans to address them in the decades to come.


Clean Energy Ecosystem Summit

Our annual Clean Energy Ecosystem Summit focuses on innovation in the global energy sector, and opportunities and challenges shaping its future. The 2013 summit, held September 17-18 in Menlo Park, California, brought together leaders in the clean energy field.


Market-Based Solutions to Environmental Challenges

Kyung-Ah Park, head of the firm’s Environmental Markets Group, talks about the intersection of environmental and economic issues, and how the firm is partnering in the development of market-based solutions to environmental challenges through the Center for Environmental Markets.  


A Global Perspective on Clean Energy

Brian Bolster, chief operating officer of the Clean Technology and Renewables Group in our Investment Banking Division, discusses the global nature of clean tech, and shares examples of countries that are embracing clean energy to promote lower-carbon economies and sustainable growth. 


Visiting Thought Leaders

We regularly invite leading thinkers in the energy and environment sectors to Goldman Sachs to share their thoughts on key issues in these areas. In these videos, experts from the US, UK and India share their global insights.


The Renewable Energy Sector in Asia

Ankur Sahu, co-head of Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking division in Asia Pacific, talks about the growing demand for energy in India and Japan, and how the renewable energy sector is helping to meet those needs.


The Expansion of Clean Technology and Renewables

The clean tech industry is expected to be a rapidly growing market and one that we believe is at a momentous point in terms of the expansion of technologies that will help diversify energy sources and improve the environment.