Macroeconomic Insights

China in Transition

As China's leadership implements reforms to increase the country's domestic consumption and reduce dependence on exports, the long-term implications for the global economy are profound.

Finding Growth in China

Stephanie Hui, head of our Merchant Banking Division in Asia Pacific Ex-Japan, discusses the momentum behind promising growth areas in China, including healthcare, technology, media and telecom and overall consumer spending.

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Chinese Corporations: Navigating Economic Headwinds

Kate Richdale of Goldman Sachs’ Investment Banking Division explains that despite China’s economic headwinds and concerns about US policy, its corporations have managed to stay strong, in part by raising debt offshore and deploying cross-border M&A strategies.

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China's Stock Connect

Kinger Lau, chief China strategist for Goldman Sachs Research, discusses how the expansion of China’s Stock Connect program to Shenzhen widens international access to fast-growing `New China’ companies in sectors such as technology, health care, e-commerce and entertainment.

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Walled In: China’s Great Dilemma

According to the Investment Strategy Group within Private Wealth Management, China’s debt burden, the inevitable rebalancing of the economy, unfavorable demographics, structural fault lines and the weight of history will bear down on its growth rates.

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The Chinese Tourist Boom

Goldman Sachs Research forecasts a 100-million person boom in Chinese outbound tourism by 2025. Learn who these tourists are and where they’re headed.

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China: An Economy in Transition

Goldman Sachs senior leaders, including chairman and CEO Lloyd Blankfein, discuss China’s transition to a consumer-driven economy and the country’s evolving international role.

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US-China CEO Bilateral Investment Dialogue

Goldman Sachs, in partnership with the Paulson Institute, the US-China Business Council and the China Development Research Foundation, convened a discussion on the opportunity for expanded investment between the United States and China.

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