Environmental Finance Innovation Summit 2014

Opening Remarks [3:08]

Highlights From The Goldman Sachs Environmental Finance Innovation Summit  

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A number of innovative financing mechanisms and capital markets solutions are being deployed to scale-up greater investment in environmental markets, including in clean tech, energy efficiency, water and green infrastructure.

The Summit brought together corporates, investors, multi-lateral development banks and non-governmental organizations alongside policymakers to share and explore the latest innovations in environmental finance. Topics ranged from securitization and yield vehicles to green bonds and innovative public-private-partnerships, among others.

These videos provide brief highlights of the panel discussions from the Summit.


  • Opening Remarks [3:08]

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  • Green Infrastructure - Leveraging Natural Capital [4:19]

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  • Water - Innovative Public-Private Partnerships [5:02]

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  • "State" of the Green Market - Power of the Green Bank [3:45]

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  • Energy Efficiency - Creating Scale [4:23]

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  • Green Bonds - Tapping into Fixed Income Markets [5:24]

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  • Yield Vehicles - Facilitating Capital Efficiency [3:40]

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On February 13, 2014, the Goldman Sachs Environmental Finance Innovation Summit was held in New York.