Macroeconomic Insights

China Equities Market Outlook

Timothy Moe, co-head of Macro Research in Asia and chief Asia Pacific regional equity strategist at Goldman Sachs, discusses Chinese equity performance and the importance of reform to the country’s long-term potential.

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Millennials: Changing Consumer Behavior

The Millennials – the largest generation in US history – are entering their peak spending years. Lindsay Drucker Mann, a vice president in Global Investment Research at Goldman Sachs, explains how companies are responding to Millennials' growing economic influence.

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The Case for Women’s Economic Empowerment

Dina Habib Powell, global head of the Office of Corporate Engagement at Goldman Sachs, recently visited Abu Dhabi, where she spoke about the firm’s 10,000 Women initiative. In this video, she reflects on her trip to the region and discusses the potential economic impact of empowering women.

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European Crossroads

After discussions with more than 30 leading CEOs in Europe, Richard Tufft, region head of EMEA Equity Research at Goldman Sachs, outlines the challenges facing the region’s economy and shares insights on how Europe can break its cycle of stagnation.

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Womenomics 4.0: Time to Walk the Talk

Kathy Matsui, vice chair of Goldman Sachs Japan and chief Japan equity strategist for Global Investment Research at Goldman Sachs, shares some of the key findings in her recent report, Womenomics 4.0: Time to Walk the Talk, including the steps necessary for Japan to close its employment gender gap and encourage economic growth.

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China: Economic Opportunities and Challenges

Mark Schwartz, vice chairman of Goldman Sachs, discusses the rapid growth of China over the last thirty years and some of the reforms and other initiatives being put into place to sustain economic development going forward.

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