David Eagleman: The Neuroscience of Creativity

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Stanford University neuroscientist David Eagleman has spent his life studying the power of the human brain. In this discussion at Goldman Sachs’ Builders + Innovators Summit, Eagleman discusses why that power makes the human species so unique – it has to do with human creativity: “What we have now is almost eight billion brains running around the planet, all feeding off one another, and that’s why we’re in this explosion of creativity now.”

On the convergence of creativity and technology: “I think that human creativity is actually going to be the thing that becomes the most important thing for the next generation.  In other words, we went from a manufacturing economy into something like an information economy now, but as computers become better and better at accumulating and digesting huge amounts of information, I think we’re moving towards a creativity economy, where it’s that extra human thing that computers are already doing really well. That’s the part that we’re going to thrive in.”