The firm regularly hosts, co-sponsors and presents at a number of conferences attended by clients, investors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), policy makers, educators and employees. We also host a series of thought leadership forums and employee engagement events that offer our people the opportunity to learn about the firm’s environmental, social and governance initiatives. Here are some highlights of conferences and events the firm has recently hosted:

Builders + Innovators Summit

Goldman Sachs’ inaugural Builders + Innovators Summit, in October 2012, brought together 100 of the most intriguing entrepreneurs selected by the Investment Banking Division. The group of small and medium-sized business and non-profit entrepreneurs heard from legendary business, government and community leaders in sessions focused on collaboration and the sharing of best practices.

The Builders + Innovators Summit was launched to support the development of future industry and community leaders through educational and networking programs that address the unique challenges of entrepreneurship.

Water: Emerging Risks and Opportunities Summit

Goldman Sachs hosted the “Water: Emerging Risks & Opportunities Summit,” bringing together more than 250 municipal and corporate clients, investors, government representatives, scholars and non-governmental organizations. The event, held in February 2013, was convened to examine the intersection of capital, policy and technology to address water and related infrastructure needs.

The summit built on the partnership between the firm, General Electric and the World Resources Institute (WRI), which co-hosted the event. Through the Center for Environmental Markets, Goldman Sachs and GE are the founding members of the WRI Aqueduct Alliance, a partnership that brings together leading companies to address water risk through a global water risk mapping tool. The latest version of the Aqueduct tool was revealed at the summit by Andrew Steer, President and CEO of WRI.

Clean Energy Ecosystem Summit

In October 2012, Goldman Sachs hosted the inaugural Clean Energy Ecosystem Summit in Menlo Park, California. It brought together more than 150 leaders to collaborate on ways to drive the growth of the clean energy industry. In more than 20 panel discussions, participants shared their views on how they are engaging the various actors in the ecosystem across a broad array of clean energy verticals ranging from solar, biofuels, natural gas/hydrogen economy, electric vehicles, waste to energy, and smart infrastructure. The Summit attendees also heard from leading investors and strategic partners.

Partnership with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory — Innovation Ecosystem Forum

In May 2012, the firm co-hosted a forum with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to bring together a diverse group of constituents to discuss the emerging cleantech industry. The Innovation Ecosystem Forum provided a platform for scientists, venture capitalists, business executives and investors to discuss emerging cleantech topics. The agenda covered a variety of Berkeley Lab’s initiatives, including Carbon Cycle 2.0, energy-efficiency projects, next-generation technologies and start-up ideas, and a case study of one of many successful cleantech companies whose technology originated at Berkeley Lab.