Our Clients

Our client relationships are as deep as they are diverse. As a trusted advisor and leading financier to major corporations, governments and other organizations, we help to create opportunities that span the global marketplace. As an investment bank, we provide world-class advice and execution capabilities, as well as crucial capital-raising services for our clients, enabling them to grow and achieve their aspirations. As a leading asset manager, we preserve and help to grow the financial assets of companies, pension funds, universities, foundations and individuals. Our Securities Division assists institutional clients, including fund managers and companies, in achieving their goals by buying and selling financial instruments on exchanges around the world.

Our impact reflects the services we provide. We advise companies buying or selling businesses, which enables them to expand and create jobs. We help local, state and national governments finance their operations so they can invest in schools, roads, hospitals and other essential infrastructure projects. We give projects and organizations of all sizes and scopes access to investors and funding, enabling them to achieve their goals. We provide a variety of investment advisory services to institutional and individual clients to help them achieve their financial goals.