Environmental Overview

A healthy environment is the foundation of economic progress and contributes to the well-being of all people. At Goldman Sachs, we recognize our responsibility to help find market solutions that improve the environment. Our commitment to environmental sustainability takes many forms. It includes providing financing for clean technology companies, working collaboratively with the public and private sectors to address infrastructure challenges, and partnering with non-governmental organizations to conduct research on environmental and energy issues.

In 2005, Goldman Sachs established the Environmental Policy Framework. Under the Framework we committed to deploy our people, capital and ideas to help find effective market-based solutions to environmental issues. Our Environmental Markets Group coordinates and oversees our Framework, while respective business units implement the commitments and contribute to environmental progress. The Board reviews the Framework and the Corporate Governance, Nominating and Public Responsibilities Committee of the Board reviews Environmental, Social and Governance issues affecting the firm, including through the periodic review of the ESG Report.

We put our environmental policies into practice and continue to deliver on our commitments across three areas:

  • Our core businesses
  • Our operations
  • Our thought leadership

To read a more detailed summary of our environmental policies, practices and initiatives, please visit www.gs.com/environment.

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