Improving Access to World-Class Health Care in India

Nothing is more vital to the strength and future of a country than the health of its citizens.

Established in 2009, Nova Medical Centers pioneered the short-stay surgery concept in India. The Nova model adopts a "doctor-owned and doctor-managed" approach that enables physicians and surgeons to focus solely on the health of the patient, and provides a complement of ultra-modern facilities and services along with turnkey hospital management. With 12 state-of-the-art specialty surgery centers in India and the Middle East, Nova Medical offers more than 800 types of procedures across multiple specialty areas, performed by leading surgeons.

In 2011, Nova entered the fertility segment in partnership with IVI (Spain), a global leader in reproductive medicine. Within the first year of operation, Nova had five in vitro fertilization centers providing the entire range of facility services, including in vitro fertilization, intrauterine insemination, surrogacy and advanced in vitro fertilization techniques across India.

"This landmark investment from Goldman Sachs will accelerate the expansion of Nova’s footprint across the country and help more people in India access much-needed short-stay surgery services," said Suresh Soni, Chairman and CEO of the company. "Goldman Sachs’ extensive experience in health care investments will help our company continue to make care more efficient and affordable, while improving health outcomes for patients and fueling the evolution of India’s health care system."