Goldman Sachs Veterans Initiative

Our Commitment to Our Nation’s Veterans

Military veterans have a long and proud history of returning to civilian life to make lasting contributions to society and economic growth. Many of the nation’s leading corporate executives have spent time in service of their country. More than just a civic responsibility, we consider easing the transition of our veterans from active duty into the workplace to be good business.

In 2012, we launched a program to realize the value and dedication these men and women bring to our organization. The Goldman Sachs Veterans Integration Program, or VIP, is an eight-week initiative that provides service men and women leaving the military with an opportunity for professional training and education in financial services. Upon completion of the pilot program, 93 percent of participants were offered continued employment at Goldman Sachs. The 2013 program enrolled 38 participants in four offices, more than a 100 percent increase over last year's program. The Veterans Integration Program is part of the Goldman Sachs Veterans Initiative, a broader effort that recognizes and supports the military service of veterans by focusing on their recruitment and retention.

"We all owe a great deal to the thousands of men and women returning to civilian life from the armed forces," says Lloyd C. Blankfein, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs. "Veterans have the experience and abilities to help our economy grow, and the business community is focused on helping them to find the jobs and opportunities that employ their skills."

These initiatives are the latest in our company’s ongoing commitment to veterans. The Goldman Sachs Veterans Network, which launched in 2011, includes more than 1,300 members worldwide and has helped us recruit talented troops as they transition to civilian life. Serving as a bridge to active duty ranks, the mission of the network is to ensure that Goldman Sachs is not only an employer of choice for veterans but also an industry leader in veterans’ affairs.

To support these efforts, Goldman Sachs Gives has committed $20 million over five years to finance a network of non-profit organizations that help wounded and disabled veterans return to civilian life. This initiative focuses on job placement and readiness, as well as family support and counseling. So far, Goldman Sachs Gives has distributed about $18 million to 75 different organizations.