Harlem Children’s Zone

Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders

Since Harlem Children’s Zone was founded more than 40 years ago, its tough-minded approach to assisting underprivileged children has proven to be a powerful formula for helping children succeed, keeping families intact and strengthening the community.

Recognizing this organization’s unequaled ability to inspire children and young adults, in September 2010 Goldman Sachs Gives committed $20 million, the largest contribution for the construction of Harlem Children Zone’s Promise Academy Charter School. The new school building and community center is located in the middle of a public housing development, part of a bold plan to bring new hope, opportunities and security to a troubled neighborhood. The Promise Academy takes a rigorous approach to achieving its mission of empowering students to succeed in college and the high-skills job market. It is far more than just a school. Through the Academy, 1,200 students and their families receive support from a variety of related services, including health care, counseling and benefits assistance.

Harlem Children’s Zone works closely with the community to be involved in the growth and development of its students. Hoping to improve the chances of success for many underprivileged children, the organization creates a web of support for each youth in the program.

This community philosophy mirrors our approach to philanthropy. At Goldman Sachs, we go well beyond simple financial support and at all levels expect participation by our people to make lasting contributions to the communities in which we live and work.

It’s a philosophy that yields results. The entire inaugural senior class of the Promise Academy Charter School was accepted to college.