Spotlight on Goldman Sachs Global Technology Efficiency Efforts

Changes at Local Level Yield Big Global
Environmental Benefits

As part of our Carbon Reduction Framework, we recognize that small changes to the office equipment that we use every day can add up to outsized environmental benefits. At Goldman Sachs, we maintain a worldwide commitment to continually evaluating and refining our IT systems and infrastructure to improve energy efficiency.

Our Tokyo office is one example of these efforts. Improvements to our desktop computer power management software helped achieve almost 37 percent power savings for the computers in our Tokyo offices in 2012. Our recent implementation of a global virtual desktop infrastructure is enabling us to replace older high-powered computers with energy-efficient thin PCs yielding average efficiency gains of 80 percent for each PC replaced. Significant energy savings from similar initiatives are being realized in our offices around the world.

In 2012, we began the first phase of our long-term modular data center strategy, which will enable us to achieve measurable power consumption reductions and, starting with Asia, consolidate our regional data center footprints into more efficient models. Our strategy relies on the adoption of high-efficiency modular data centers, or prefabricated "data centers in a box," which house servers and data center infrastructure in secure and easily transportable modules. This modular data center technology exemplifies a new operating paradigm, fundamentally shifting the way data centers will be assembled, consumed and operated.

Along with its strategic modular data center solutions provider, Goldman Sachs is partnering on the design and implementation of a new publicly available air-cooled module that will significantly reduce the amount of power required to cool our data centers. Adopting modular data centers will allow us to scale our data center operations more efficiently, and further advance our broader commitment to environmental stewardship and reduced carbon for our global data center operations.