Goldman Sachs Gives Community Support Program

Promoting Education and Opportunity for Children and Parents

Some 650 children in orphanages in Tokyo will receive a range of valuable educational resources — including workshops, tutors and scholarships — following a JPY340 million ($4 million) donation from Goldman Sachs. The donation is part of the Goldman Sachs Gives Community Support Program, which began in 2010 to provide support to underserved children and single parents. The program received the 10th Corporate Philanthropy Award by the Japan Philanthropic Association.

In addition to expanding educational opportunities for some of Japan’s most underprivileged children, the grant also provides 95 single parents in Tokyo with services and resources to help them become financially independent.

"We focus our community impact efforts on people who are most in need of our help," says Masanori Mochida, President of Goldman Sachs Japan. "Our goal is to help these children and single parents build valuable skills as individuals, empower them to be independent and provide a brighter future both for themselves and their communities."

Co-founded by Goldman Sachs and the Tokyo Council of Social Welfare, the Goldman Sachs Gives Community Support Program emerged from Goldman Sachs’ global Community TeamWorks initiative. Community TeamWorks, launched in 1997, provides employees an opportunity to volunteer for the community where they live and work around the world. Mr. Mochida is part of the nearly 80 percent of Goldman Sachs employees in Japan who take part in Community TeamWorks programs and services each year, assisting 10,882 infants, 4,651 children and 240 Tokyo adolescents in 2012.