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2012 Proxy Statement
 Notice of 2012 Annual Meeting of Shareholders
 Table of Contents
 Letter to Fellow Shareholders
 Introduction and Executive Summary

Corporate Governance
 Item 1. Election of Directors
 - Board of Directors' Qualifications and Experience
 - Our Director Nominees
 Structure and Role of our Board
 - Board Leadership Structure
 - Board Oversight
 - Commitment of our Board - 2011 Board Meetings
 - Process for Selecting Directors
 - Board Evaluation
 - Independence of Directors
 Our Board Committees
 - Audit Committee Financial Expert
 - Compensation Committee's Independent Consultant

Compensation Matters
 Compensation Discussion and Analysis
 - Our Compensation Philosophy
 - 2011 NEO Compensation
 - Additional Details on our NEOs' 2011 Compensation
 - Long-Term Performance Incentive Plan
 - GS Gives
 Executive Compensation
 - 2011 Summary Compensation Table
 - 2011 Grants of Plan-Based Awards
 - 2011 Outstanding Equity Awards at Fiscal Year-End
 - 2011 Option Exercises and Stock Vested
 - 2011 Pension Benefits
 - 2011 Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation
 - Potential Payments Upon Termination or Change-in-Control
 Report of our Compensation Committee
 Item 2. An Advisory Vote to Approve Executive Compensation (Say on Pay)
 Independent Director Compensation

Audit Matters
 Report of our Audit Committee
 Item 3. Ratification of Appointment of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm

Shareholder Proposals
 Item 4. Shareholder Proposal Regarding Cumulative Voting
 Item 5. Shareholder Proposal Regarding Executive Compensation and Long-Term Performance
 Item 6. Shareholder Proposal Regarding a Report on Lobbying Expenditures

Additional Information
 Certain Relationships and Related Transactions
 Beneficial Ownership
 Additional Information
 Frequently Asked Questions About our Annual Meeting
 Annex A: Additional Details on Director Independence
 Annex B: Goldman Sachs' Compensation Principles
 Annex C: Calculation of Adjusted Return on Average Common Shareholders' Equity
 Directions to our 2012 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

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