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Goldman Sachs CIO Elisha Wiesel on Automation and the Future of Work

23 May 2017

As automation sweeps through the global economy, it is changing the nature of jobs in some unexpected ways. Goldman Sachs' Chief Information Officer Elisha Wiesel shares his thoughts on how artificial intelligence and advances in automation are affecting the workplace, and creating opportunities for the next generation of workers.

Your Guide to HackerRank Success

04 May 2017

HackerRank, a coding-based technical skills and assessment platform, is one of the many tools used by Goldman Sachs to assess candidates for technology and strats roles. Carly, an associate on the Technology Campus Recruiting team, shares her advice for applicants taking the HackerRank assessment.

Goldman Sachs Engineering Presents at Devoxx US 2017

25 Apr 2017

A Goldman Sachs Engineering team represented the firm at the 2017 Devoxx US Conference. The team presented on robotics and Java programming languages at the conference’s first US event, held in San Jose, CA from March 21-23. The team also demonstrated self-built robots that are sent commands via social media and presented at the Devoxx4Kids program held on March 19.

Ask the Engineer: Rich

25 Apr 2017

Rich, a vice president on the Marquee team within the Technology Division, shares how studying computing led him to a career in finance and describes his current role working on Marquee.

Chief Information Officer Elisha Wiesel on Automation

10 Apr 2017

On April 9, 2017, Elisha Wiesel, chief information officer of Goldman Sachs, was featured in the CBS Sunday Morning Money Issue cover story, Automation Nation. In the segment, Elisha makes the case for embracing coming disruptions in technology as a way to make people’s jobs more efficient and creative and to engage more fully with our clients.

Ask the Engineer: Dana

20 Mar 2017

Dana, an engineer in Goldman Sachs’ IMD Finance Engineering team within the Technology Division, describes how her interest in math and science led to a career in engineering.

Ask the Engineer: Joanna

28 Feb 2017

Joanna, a Senior Engineer at Goldman Sachs, shares her path to working in finance, what inspires her and her view on the future of technology.

Ask the Engineer: Craig

23 Jan 2017

Craig, a vice president and Technology Fellow at Goldman Sachs, discusses his career trajectory in technology and why he finds financial services an exciting place to be an engineer.

Open Source at Goldman Sachs

20 Jan 2017

Open source solutions have changed the way people are thinking about software and hardware alike. Tap into our insights on the Open Source movement and learn more about our involvement with the open source community.

The Data Lake

20 Dec 2016

Data has transformed the way we do business. Our engineers have built a custom platform that empowers our employees to effectively manage data. That platform is the Goldman Sachs Data Lake.

Ask the Engineer: Kaaveea

07 Dec 2016

Kaaveea, an engineer in Goldman Sachs’ Bengaluru office, tells us why she chose a career in financial services, and how she is helping young people develop career paths in engineering.

Ask the Engineer: Ayaz

14 Nov 2016

Ayaz, a senior engineer in Goldman Sachs’ London office, discusses his career evolution and his current role as the technical architect of MiFID II regulatory implementation for the firm.

Goldman Sachs Tech Analysts Drive Innovation Through Seven-Week Program

03 Nov 2016

More than 450 Technology Division analysts spent seven weeks brainstorming and designing systems, applications and software that can become part of the firm’s technology ecosystem at the third annual Gray Wolf program. The program aims to onboard first-year analysts quickly by introducing them to different areas of the firm and presenting them with business technology issues to solve.

Ask the Engineer: Isabella

07 Oct 2016

Isabella, a senior engineer and Technology Fellow at Goldman Sachs, talks about her interests and what led her to a career in technology as well as her current focus on platform integration across the firm.

A Conversation with Chief Information Officer Marty Chavez

09 Sep 2016

Chief Information Officer Marty Chavez spoke with interns from around the world and reflected on his background, career path and the impact of technology on the financial industry. The session was part of ‘Explore GS,’ a summer-long speaker series for interns at the firm.

Ask the Engineer: Josh

02 Sep 2016

Josh, an engineer leading our Global Network Engineering team, discusses his career in engineering and his team’s involvement with the broader community.

The Big Deal about Big Data

20 Jun 2016

Armen Avanessians of Goldman Sachs Asset Management discusses how big data can help investors make smarter, better informed decisions on this episode of our podcast, Exchanges at Goldman Sachs.

Ask the Engineer: Matthew Papas

03 Jun 2016

Matt Papas, a managing director at Goldman Sachs, oversees a team that utilizes a broad range of languages and platforms to build technology across the firm’s equities business. He shares his experience in the LGBT community and why it’s important to bring one’s whole self to work.

Ask the Engineer: Kaira

05 Apr 2016

Kaira, an engineer on the Goldman Sachs Asset Management Platform team, pursues her passion for data models while having the flexibility to explore different paths in engineering.

Ask the Engineer: Katharine

21 Mar 2016

Katharine, an engineer in the Cloud Platform team, shares her perspective on engineering at Goldman Sachs and what she found most surprising about the firm.

A Mobile Framework to Rapidly Build Apps

23 Jan 2015

Our engineers developed a custom mobile framework that allows our developers to rapidly build secure mobile apps for internal and client use. For example, the iOS GS Markets app that drives faster trades and real-time updates.

Inside Symphony

08 Jan 2015

A technical overview of our internally-developed open-source digital communications platform for the financial industry.

NDS: A Virtual Desktop in the Cloud

30 Dec 2014

Abstracting the desktop front-end from back-end computing, data distribution and data processing components enhances user mobility and business continuity, while reducing costs and simplifying provisioning and systems management.

GS Collections Code Kata Series

17 Dec 2014

The GS Collections Kata is a fun way to help you learn GS Collections usage. This particular kata is set up as a series of unit tests which fail. Your task is to make them pass, using GS Collections. The Kata is meant to take approximately one eight-hour day.

Defining Specifications for Open Hardware

02 Dec 2014

Rajeev, an engineer in the Goldman Sachs Data Center Product Group and co-chair of the Open Compute Project Hardware Management track, discusses the open hardware specifications process and current and upcoming initiatives.

Growing with GS Collections

01 Sep 2014

Kristen, a developer in our JVM Architecture team, shares how learning to code in GS Collections has improved her Java skills and better positioned her for the future.

Paradigm Shifts in Software

30 Aug 2014

Martin Chavez, Chief Information Officer of Goldman Sachs, discusses major developments in technology and how they are transforming the way companies do business.

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