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Financial Technology

AG Delta provides wealth management software that helps private banks generate trade ideas, automate pricing/execution, and provide compliance / post-trade functionality.

Axoni serves the world’s financial institutions and capital markets service providers with full stack blockchain solutions.

Better Mortgage is a direct lender dedicated to providing a fast, transparent, and online mortgage experience focused on customer experience.

Circle is a consumer Internet company focused on transforming the payments landscape with mobile apps and services that make storing and using money instant, secure, global and free. 

Contineo is an open messaging network and hub for private banks and wealth management firms to access issuers of structured products.

The Digital Asset Platform delivers flexible infrastructure for regulated financial institutions to share processes and data securely, on a need-to-know basis, without the need for reconciliation. It combines a permissioned Distributed Ledger with a powerful financial modeling language to ensure that each institution operates from a single source of truth.

Droit provides enterprise infrastructure that generates the full regulatory implications and obligations of a trade in real-time. This enables institutions to implement a comprehensive approach to regulatory pre-trade decision making and execution of pre- and post-trade obligations.

Kensho is a market analytics platform that combines statistical computing with natural language inputs, big data and machine learning technologies. Kensho’s intelligent computer systems are capable of answering complex financial questions posed in plain English

Motif is a next-generation online broker offering thematic investing to individual and institutional investors.

Nav helps small business owners build, protect and leverage their credit and financial data. Its platform provides both business and personal credit reports, cash-flow analysis and a marketplace that uses a lender-neutral algorithm and machine learning to make product recommendations.

Pico offers premium technology hosting and managed services, specializing in trading technology.

Redline Trading Solutions provides high performance market data and order execution systems for global equity, options, futures, foreign exchange, and fixed income trading that enable banks, trading firms and exchanges to excel in today’s fast-paced markets while lowering development and operational costs.

The SmartStream Reference Data Utility (RDU) is a managed service that delivers complete, accurate and timely securities reference data for use in critical regulatory reporting, trade processing and risk management operations, dramatically simplifying and reducing un-necessary costs for financial institutions.

TORA is a cloud-based front-to-back office technology provider for the buy-side, offering portfolio, risk, order and execution management systems, and compliance and analytics engines.


Enterprise Technology

Barefoot Networks has created technology that is fundamentally transforming the way computer networks are designed, built and operated. Users can now code their desired packet processing behavior, using P4 programming language, and run this code on Barefoot's programmable switching ASICs giving them control of the full network stack down to the wire.

Bracket Computing is a systems software company, providing advanced security controls strong enough to allow major Wall Street firms and F500 companies to run workloads on public and private cloud environments.  

DiffBlue applies AI to code, enabling broader, more complete testing of a code base resulting in greater intelligibility, better test coverage, and more secure, robust and bug-free code.

DataFox is a company intelligence platform that helps sales, marketing, and finance teams infuse data into their workflows, find new prospects, and engage with target companies at the right time.

Digital Reasoning operates a cognitive computing platform using a machine learning-based analytics platform, Synthesys, which understands how humans communicate by analyzing the context, content and relationships within Big Data while semantically revealing what is most critical to its clients.

Dyadic’s core innovation is the Dyadic Virtual Hardware Security Module (vHSM) that can be embedded effortlessly into any device or platform. Leading organizations choose Dyadic for the flexibility, scalability and elasticity that is unmatched by any hardware solution, and for the security guarantees that are unmatched by any software solution.

KY3P® by IHS Markit is the first centralized, cloud-based data hub that enables financial institutions to standardize and simplify third party due diligence.

Sonatype offers software supply chain tools that enable organizations to continuously consume the highest quality and most secure open source components.

Symphony is a secure workflow platform for individuals, teams, and organizations of all sizes seeking to improve their productivity while maintaining data security and regulatory compliance. Today, Symphony is used by the world’s leading financial institutions as a trusted communications and workflow platform to seamlessly exchange high-value content and information. 

Vapor IO provides an alternative to legacy data center infrastructure. By offering cloud native data center service optimization software and licensing patent pending hardware that leverages key thermodynamic principles, Vapor IO offers edge friendly IT federation, end-to-end data center telemetry, power and cooling efficiencies and meaningful economic advantages.

Versive builds applications that combine AI with human expertise, enabling organizations to achieve world-class results. The Versive Security Engine automates adversary campaign hunting, enabling overwhelmed cybersecurity teams to win against hostile actors targeting high-value assets inside networks.

Zoomdata is the world’s fastest exploratory data analysis and visualization platform, empowering business users to see and interact with data in new ways.


Market Infrastructure

Aquilon Energy Services is a Chicago and Houston based software company providing innovative solutions for the fast-paced, complex and data intensive energy industry.

CurveGlobal is a regulated exchange, founded by seven global investment banks, the LSE and the CBOE, that lists Short Term Interest Rate and Bond Future contracts. The contracts clear into LCH, offering the opportunity for users to avail themselves of Portfolio Margining (offsetting OTC Rates positions with their Listed Futrues positions so as to reduce their overall margin requirements).

The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is the largest stock exchange in India, in terms of daily turnover and number of trades, and trades equities, futures and options, debt, currency and interest rate futures.

NYSHEX is a transparent exchange for shippers to digitally purchase container freight contracts developed in conjunction with leading innovative carriers and shippers, NYSHEX has created The NYSHEX Forward ContractTM, which is financially secured and strictly enforced.

Tradeweb Markets is an electronic fixed income, derivatives and ETF marketplace that offers flexible trade execution and efficient workflow solutions for the institutional, inter-dealer, and retail communities – supported by Tradeweb, Dealerweb, and Tradeweb Direct.


The descriptions above were provided by the portfolio companies. The statements contained in the descriptions are not representations of Goldman Sachs and are not an endorsement of any particular product or service.