Urban Investments

Goldman Sachs' unique place in the urban investment market stems from our ability to draw upon the people, capital and expertise of the firm to deliver strong results.

Our experience in structuring complex public/private deals and partnerships, combined with our understanding of the market and demographic dynamics of low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, allows us to achieve “double bottom line results”- financial returns and social impact.

Investment Strategy

UIG’s goal is to deploy capital to help transform distressed communities into sustainable and vibrant neighborhoods of choice and opportunity. Our strategy includes:

  • Responsiveness. We provide timely, flexible loans and investment for projects that respond to the needs of low- and moderate-income communities, and support public sector priorities.

  • Early stage capital. UIG understands that the success of community reinvestment projects often depends on the developer’s ability to source early stage financing.

  • Direct investments in developers and projects. Increasing financing available to critical community development projects, brings expertise and resources to transactions that create better outcomes, and expands the capacity of community developers to take on additional projects.

  • A focus on mixed-use, catalytic projects. Neighborhoods benefit from projects that contain a variety of uses, often requiring complex financing structures that incorporate multiple products, government programs, and public sector partners.

  • Innovative solutions. We develop new strategies and structures to solve the challenges of low- and moderate-income communities.

  • Investments in community development intermediaries. These partnerships allow us to more efficiently deploy capital and address critical needs in the communities we serve.