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Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading (GSET) provides clients with the necessary tools to manage their trades from start to finish, from pre-trade analytics to post-trade analysis. We offer our clients access to global equity and derivatives (futures and options) markets, as well as foreign exchange, commodities, European ETFs, rates and credit across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

For equities and derivatives, clients access our products via any OMS/EMS or via FIX. Customers can seek liquidity using our suite of multi-asset algorithms, route to optimal destinations using our smart router, and take advantage of non-displayed liquidity through our global SIGMA X™ non-displayed liquidity suite.

For foreign exchange, ETFs and commodities, Marquee Trader offers superior execution solutions for navigating the evolving landscape. With its advanced technology, global reach, and access to liquidity from Goldman Sachs, Marquee Trader provides a single platform for a variety of trading styles.

For rates and credit, clients can leverage GSET’s depth of liquidity among a variety of global products. GSET provides top-tier electronic execution for rates and credit and offers a full suite of electronic trading platforms, as well as pre- and post- trade solutions.

Our offering combines our experience and commitment to client service with a sophisticated electronic platform to deliver a number of important benefits.

Superior Execution Quality. We work to provide clients with the fastest, most profitable possible execution quality. Across all platforms, clients can manage their orders by choosing from a variety of venues, order types and algorithmic strategies. We continuously strive to improve our order routing logic through ongoing research, and we regularly modify our systems in response to the data we gather.

Expert Client Service. Our electronic sales traders provide consulting and trading insights to help clients navigate an increasingly complex financial marketplace. We provide 24-hour trading support, with professionals across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Support and Stability. We have significantly invested in the stability, and resilience of our platform, allowing us to develop one of the most advanced, low-latency suites of trading solutions available.

Visit the GSET web site  to learn more.