Diversity and Inclusion

To prepare our professionals and managers to work more effectively in an increasingly diverse, multicultural business environment, we offer a broad spectrum of diversity training opportunities.

Globally, Goldman Sachs offers more than three dozen diversity and inclusion training programs, widely recognized for their scope and innovation.

Each employee is required to complete two hours of diversity and inclusion training each year. In addition, we integrate diversity training into our orientation programs for all incoming hires.

We also promote a number of diversity awareness initiatives:

  • History and Heritage Month programs and events play an important role in fostering an inclusive business climate, by recognizing the many achievements and contributions of diverse professionals.

  • Diversity Awareness Week provides firmwide, regional and divisional events to promote dialogue and awareness around diversity in the workplace.

  • Diversity Dialogues and Master Classes are small group training sessions led by the firm’s senior leaders to encourage frank and open discussion on the subject of diversity. Learn about EMEA Diversity Week 2012.

  • Key Client Programs allow us to demonstrate how critical diversity is to our core values and business strategy.

  • Ladder for London is a one-year apprenticeship program created by the Evening Standard to help unemployed young adults in London. Learn More