Harnessing the Collective Intelligence of Our People to Deliver One Goldman Sachs to Our Clients

Louisa was created for the business by veterans of the business; and has since grown to 50 across New York, Bengaluru & Warsaw.

Louisa is a networking platform that enables users to connect and share information in an intuitive way. Users can build their personal brand as subject matter experts, expand their reach, and stay up-to-date on colleagues and clients.

Louisa, incubated as part of GS Accelerate’s inaugural class and funded in March 2019,  was born out of recognition that the firm can improve its employee connectivity to serve clients more holistically.

While it is impossible for any human to know tens of thousands of people, a computer system can. Louisa leverages a combination of system-driven and user-provided data to surface richer and more complete business-relevant profiles on an organization’s people, teams, jobs, universities, alumni, communities, and clients than has ever been made available before. It is designed to be able to share the right information with the right person at the right time.

Named after Louisa Goldman Sachs, daughter of Marcus Goldman and the wife of Samuel Sachs, the platform now has 25,000 monthly active users and growing, with 5x engagement year to date.

“Global organizations are competing to get the best return on their largest investment: their people,” says Louisa founder and Accelerate entrepreneur Rohan Doctor. “Louisa helps them maximize that return by unleashing an even greater strength: the collective intelligence of their entire workforce.”