GS Accelerate is a firmwide platform that aims to support the firm’s long-standing culture of innovation and experimentation and seeds commercial, innovative and growth businesses for Goldman Sachs. Accelerate provides our people with the capital, resources and support to transform ideas into viable new businesses and products for our clients, with a focus on the firm’s growth. Funded businesses focus on building client solutions, leveraging Goldman Sachs' unique strengths and offering employees the opportunity to work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment.

Provides our people with a platform to think creatively about the firm with a focus on growth

Continuously experiment and explore new market and product opportunities for clients in an efficient manner

Establishes a path for talented individuals at the firm to build new client products and businesses

Partners with third parties on ideas to unlock capabilities beyond Goldman Sachs' expertise

Reiterates long-term areas of strategic focus for the firm across the entirety of Goldman Sachs

Focuses on sourcing ideas that will be revenue generating for the firm and are cross-divisional


By the Numbers


Investments to date


Ideas submitted to GS Accelerate, since launch in 2018


Number of cities that have participated in GS Accelerate


Entrepreneurial employees building Accelerate businesses

Creating Impact Across The Firm

“We need to constantly adapt, learn and do new things. Thinking big is extremely important and your idea will be judged by its potential.”

Marco Argenti
Co-Chief Information Officer

“The Accelerate journey is incredible – we see ideas evolve and become truly viable businesses. There is real opportunity here to build new solutions for the firm.”

Philip Berlinski
Global Treasurer and CEO of GS Bank USA

“One of the great things about Accelerate is it lives by what it preaches, that we’re going to constantly improve and change.”

Stephanie Cohen
Global Head of Platform Solutions

“Accelerate is a way of bringing people to think about our business differently, to talk to each other, to breed new ideas.”

George Lee
Co-Head of the Office of Applied Innovation

“Accelerate serves as a nexus of innovation at the firm that brings together ideas, resources, and a community of people that are focused on pushing the boundaries to grow our business.”

Karishma Misra
Firmwide Strategy Team

“In Accelerate we are trying to solve problems in new ways and disrupt the future of our firm and industry.”

Ariana Giannopoulos
ETF Accelerator Team


“The best part of leading design on Accelerate is being able to conceptualize future products of Goldman Sachs with a completely new perspective.”

Adam Barnum
GS Accelerate Core Team

“Accelerate brings innovation to our client offerings while allowing our people to think outside the box and flex their entrepreneurial muscles.”

Mariacarla Doval
GS Accelerate Core Team

“Accelerate catalyzes disruptive thinking and channels it through savvy business builders who launch and scale commercially viable and ground-breaking businesses for our clients.”

Aditya Dhar
Firmwide Strategy Team

We're Hiring

Our new businesses are only as strong as the people behind them. The Accelerate portfolio is growing and hiring across various office locations and functions. 

Because the firm has a global reach, so does GS Accelerate.

Accelerate businesses are located across the world, spanning offices including London, Birmingham and Bangalore to Dallas and New York. We continue to prioritize our expansion to new regions and believe that innovation is everywhere.