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Statistics Major.
Merchant Banker.
Avid Hiker.

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Psychology Major.
Senior Counsel.
Diversity Champion.

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Finance & Marketing Major.
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Marathon Runner.

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We have offices around the world. Here are a few places our people work and live.

Featured Locations

Salt Lake City, Utah

Our offices located in downtown Salt Lake City make up Goldman Sachs’ second largest presence in North America. Not only does the city boast vibrant arts, culinary and social scenes but it is also in close proximity to Utah’s five national parks where you can experience some of the most magnificent hiking, biking and skiing in the world.


Goldman Sachs opened its first London office in 1970 with a team of just five people. Today, the firm’s London campus includes three buildings with a new London headquarters currently under construction and expected to be completed in mid-2019. The new facility includes collaborative workspaces, an on-site café, along with a fitness centre, medical centre and childcare facilities.

Hong Kong

One of our regional hubs, the Hong Kong office combines workspace at the iconic Cheung Kong Center with the brand new facilities of Lee Garden Three. Some of our most popular recreational activities are hiking, dragon boating and wakeboarding.


For us, it’s about bringing together people who make things possible for our clients and communities. Explore our Possibilities Stories.

How We Make Things Possible

Tackling global environmental and societal challenges

How are we making things possible?
We strive to manage our firm in a responsible way to drive sustainable value over the long term for our stakeholders and contribute to a healthy, expanding economy. We take action to address challenges within our reach, whether it be combatting climate change by deploying capital into clean energy or leveraging our expertise to respond to global needs such as increasing access to healthcare.

Why it’s important to us.
As a global financial services company, we are in a position to help address global environmental and societal challenges, and to support opportunities for economic growth and address local community needs. Running our firm sustainably is good business, and it’s a key ingredient to our long-term commitment to our shareholders, people, clients and the communities where we live and work.

Connecting colleagues through affinity networks

How are we making things possible?
Our 80+ global affinity networks and interest forums are designed to provide an opportunity for all of our professionals, across divisions and regions, to gain exposure to the unique backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that make up the Goldman Sachs community.  By joining an affinity network,  you can take advantage of a range of opportunities, from career development offerings to learning more about different cultures or experiences through networking opportunities.

Why it’s important to us.
Diversity in the workplace is what makes us dynamic, innovative and successful. We think it’s important for everyone to feel heard and have groups within the firm to share and learn about different experiences. 

Collaborating with peers to support innovative nonprofit organizations

How are we making things possible? 
The Analyst Impact Fund provides analysts with the opportunity to collaborate with peers across the firm to make an impact in their communities. Through this competition, teams identify nonprofit organizations that are tackling global challenges and pitch innovative solutions to the firm’s leadership. Winning teams are awarded grants from our philanthropic fund, Goldman Sachs Gives, for the organizations they’re representing. In past years, finalists have presented a variety of creative solutions, from supporting survivors of human trafficking through coding to combatting global homelessness with 3D printing technology. 

Why it’s important to us.
We have the ability to make a real impact in the world and want to empower our people to collaborate to make a meaningful difference. It doesn’t matter what level you are, everyone’s voice and actions can have an impact.

Securing equity capital for clients

The opportunity we saw.
We'd just advised a significant M&A assignment for Toshiba and they were still under pressure to secure equity capital. Toshiba traditionally did not work closely with Goldman Sachs on financing, but this time our global team stepped in to help. 

How we made it possible.
The deal team, representing all levels and several offices, thought outside the box to offer Toshiba a new way of looking at its equity capital needs. As a result, Goldman Sachs secured an unprecedented and unconventional private placement for Toshiba.