2018 Global Recruiter Recap

11 DEC 2018

As we look forward to meeting more students on campus in 2019, we asked our recruiters to reflect on some of their favorite events from 2018 along with what advice they would share with recruits looking to make things possible at Goldman Sachs.  Here’s what they had to say:

Switzerland: St. Gallen Connect and Confect – Women’s Event

Recruiter:  Hanna, Associate, Campus Recruiter
Event:  St. Gallen Connect and Confect – Women’s Event

“Great opportunity for the women to get to know a different side of our firm in a unique setting and very relaxed atmosphere.” – Hanna

The St. Gallen Connect and Confect Women’s Event was a high-touch networking event involving a cohort of female students from St. Gallen who networked with Goldman Sachs professionals over the creation of hand-made pralines. The networking event was part of a broader two-week banking event series.

“The event was extremely well received from both students and Goldman Sachs professionals, standing out as one of the highlights in the events calendar,” shared Hanna.

Hanna’s Advice: “Students should take advantage of informal networking events given they are a fantastic opportunity to connect with recruiters on a much more personal level, allowing them to experience the culture and vibe of a company.”


United States: Campus Pop-Ups featuring a 10,000 Small Business

Recruiter:  Charlene, Associate, University Relations
Event:  Campus Pop-Ups featuring a 10,000 Small Business

“We were able make connections with roughly 1200 students across the nation! Many of whom may otherwise not have considered career opportunities at the firm.” – Charlene

On campus pop-ups are an opportunity for students to take a break from the classroom, grab a snack provided by local 10,000 Small Business alumni and spend some time engaging in meaningful dialogue with recruiters and campus ambassadors. Overall, they were a fun, low pressure opportunity to get to know Goldman Sachs and served as a vehicle to differentiate the firm through an interactive candidate experience versus a traditional recruiting event.

“Companies never host events like this, and it makes students feel more comfortable to approach rather than at a company event or career fair,” shared a Berkeley student.

Charlene’s Advice: “You are never too early (or too late) in your collegiate career to start building relationships or your network with Goldman Sachs.”


India: GS Quantify

Recruiter:  Ratan, Associate, University Relations
Event:  GS Quantify

“This competition is very important to us as a firm since it provides students from a diverse set of schools and regions of the country with practical exposure and a first-hand account of the role that engineering plays in Goldman Sachs.” – Ratan

GS Quantify is the flagship campus engagement program for the Engineering Division of Goldman Sachs India. The initiative was launched in 2013, across three premier engineering schools, and after the overwhelming response received year-on-year from the students, the contest expanded to 59 schools with applications growing from 310 in 2013 to 3,740 in 2018. The program is designed to test students on real-world problems from different areas of Computer Science, Machine Learning and Quantitative Aptitude with the ultimate goal for you to experience what it feels like to work at Goldman Sachs.

“Being a part of the onsite finals of GS Quantify (again) and finally winning it this time (after my first onsite appearance in the 2016 edition of Quantify) has been one of the most empowering events of my college life. The encouragement and support I’ve received has engendered the faith that no success is off-limits as long as you are motivated and hardworking,” reflected a participant from IIT BHU Varanasi.

Ratan’s Advice: “To increase your chances of winning the GS Quantify challenge be intellectually curious, push yourself out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself thoroughly in the challenges.”  


Singapore and Hong Kong: Women’s Speed Mentoring Initiative

Recruiter:  Siqin, Associate, Campus Recruiting
Event:  Women’s Speed Mentoring Initiative

“We saw students’ perception of working at Goldman Sachs change, transforming those that weren’t going to apply into applicants! Simple yet very effective.” – Siqin

The Women’s Speed Mentoring Initiative is sponsored by the Women’s Network and held in both Singapore and Hong Kong. It is a collaboration between the affinity networks and the campus recruitment team which offers a unique opportunity for female students to engage with and be inspired by female role models within Goldman Sachs.

The small group format gave participants confidence to have a close interaction with Goldman Sachs leaders, to ask questions around support and development for women, to receive advice about effective communication at a global firm and to hear the most authentic success stories.

“Attending the Speed Mentoring session really provided me with insight concerning the industry, and it truly impressed me just how accommodating you all were with the questions we had,” shared a participant.

Siqin’s Advice: “Avoid having preconceived ideas about various companies or roles that you are interested in. Instead, try to get feedback from industry insiders and attend our recruitment events – you might be surprised!”

If you are interested in learning more about upcoming events this year, we encourage you to visit our Explore page.