Highlights from our 2021 Possibilities Summits

16 APR 2021

Goldman Sachs is committed to diversity and seeks to empower students to have successful careers in the financial services industry. Our Possibilities Summits provide candidates the opportunity to level up, experience our culture and connect with our professionals. These summits are designed to bring together college students from diverse backgrounds, schools and majors to learn more about financial services, careers at the firm and prepare them to successfully navigate the recruiting process.

We recently concluded our 2021 program which reached nearly 850 students from 213 unique colleges and universities who identify as women, Black, Hispanic/Latinx, LGBTQ+, veterans, having a disability, and/or currently attend a City University of New York (CUNY). In an effort to pivot to a virtual environment while providing the best candidate experience, we leveraged an online learning platform, NovoEd, to host various content and engagement opportunities over the course of five weeks. Students participated in 50+ events and over 60 hours of programming and gained first-hand insights and personal experiences from more than 130 Goldman Sachs professionals.

Our program participants leveled up by first building their story of self and defining their personal brand as a point of reference as they progressed through program. They learned about Goldman Sachs and our businesses and how their authentic self can add value to the firm. We aim to give participants the tools they need to be successful not only at Goldman Sachs, but in life no matter where their paths may take them.

“I continue to be amazed by the program and its efforts to level the playing field in giving every student that’s willing to put in the work and show initiative a leg up in joining the company.” 

- 2021 Possibilities Summit Student Participant

Students received vendor-led capital markets training from leader of company-sponsored financial planning benefits company, Ayco Personal Financial Management, on financial literacy courses, and even got to take a moment for themselves with our own Wellness team to emphasize the importance of self-care.

“The experience has been very rewarding and enriching. There have been several workshops that I am glad I attended because I would not have learned anywhere else. The tips and advice provided have shifted my everyday perspective.”

2021 Possibilities Summit Student Participant

Students were able to connect with one another throughout the program via the NovoEd digital platform which encouraged collaboration and development in the virtual environment. They also had opportunities to connect with their peers through unique activities that weren’t solely focused on networking, interviewing, and career prep. One example being our four chef series that highlighted Peruvian, Southern, Japanese and Italian cultures and cuisines where participants showcased their culinary skills and were encouraged to share their creations.

“It seems like Goldman Sachs is interested in having individuals with great talent, not necessarily only people with finance experience…they’re an incredibly understanding firm and I like that.” 

- 2021 Possibilities Summit Student Participant

At Goldman Sachs we are constantly striving to create an inclusive environment where our people truly feel empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. Possibilities Summit attendees were able to experience this first-hand by participating in various networking opportunities with our professionals as well as a series of panel discussions focused on different diverse communities and their personal experiences.

“As a first-generation student, I often feel a world of pressure to succeed in order to fulfill my family’s expectations. Some of that pressure was alleviated after hearing the team discuss that they were also in a similar position and came out all the better for embracing their passions and focusing on their studies.” 

- 2021 Possibilities Summit Student Participant

With a deeper understanding of their career ambitions–as well as the firm’s business, people and culture–participants were equipped to navigate the firm’s recruiting process; select students even had the opportunity to interview early for 2022 Summer Analyst roles.