Advice from Amanda Rubin, Executive Office

09 APR 2019

Amanda Rubin is the global co-head of Brand and Content Strategy in our Executive Office in New York. She shares five pieces of advice that she would give her younger self.

  1. In three words or less, who are you? Think about the way you want people to describe you, and conduct yourself accordingly with those three words in mind. 
  2. The best teams are tapestries. The goal is to harvest and leverage everyone’s unique contributions, perspectives and skillsets, and working together collaboratively. By the way, that’s a good mindset to have when you’re hiring (i.e., don’t look to clone yourself or your other existing team members).
  3. Get to neutral. Before making any key decision or having an important conversation, take some time to think about things to ensure you’re approaching the issue with objectivity and clarity – the end result will always be better. 
  4. Look in the mirror. That is the reflection you should care about, not what is to your left or to your right. Sometimes, we can get so caught up comparing ourselves to others, especially in competitive academic or work environments, that we risk losing track of what’s important -- our own personal growth and accomplishments. 
  5. Be generous. An offer to help someone can be so valuable and meaningful – whether you’re a sounding board for someone’s idea, proofing something they’ve written, or sharing advice on how to handle a difficult situation. Look for those opportunities to help, they make a huge impact. And, share your failures. Being open about what worked for you and what didn’t makes you more relatable and energizes people to think more creatively and boldly.

    PS: On the topic of generosity, remind yourself and others frequently to respect people enough to look at them when they’re talking, rather than the screen you have in your hand. It goes a long way.