Advice from Chiharu Yamagami, Operations

02 AUG 2016

Chiharu Yamagami is a managing director in our Operations Division in Tokyo. Below, she shares five pieces of advice that she would give her younger self.

1) You have a seat at the table. Ask questions, confirm your understanding, make comments and offer suggestions. This means agreeing and disagreeing with others.

2) Execute on your ideas. It’s not enough to be a strategic thinker in a results-driven organization. Don’t hesitate to take calculated risks and follow through.  

3) Nothing is “free.” Credibility and trust-based relationships can only be earned through hard work and accountability. When you accept your mistakes, you display immense leadership.

4) Coffee catch-ups are key. Spend time understanding the workstyles of your colleagues. In addition to expanding your network, an in-person catch-up can clarify expectations, highlight preferences and help you move projects forward.

5) We all need mentors. Seek guidance from colleagues across levels who can help you achieve your goals, interpret feedback and polish specific skills.