Asia Pacific Women's Networks Annual Conferences Highlight Connectivity

The firm's Asia Pacific Women’s Networks hosted a series of conferences across seven offices in March, focused on fostering connectivity, encouraging dialogue about gender diversity and supporting the professional development of women at the firm.

The conferences were part of a global series of events celebrating Women’s History Month in the Americas and recognizing International Women’s Day in EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. People from across levels and divisions in the region participated in the events, which provided a variety of perspectives on inclusive leadership, gender diversity and career advice from senior leaders of the firm. 

“When I reflect on my journey from an analyst to a partner, what strikes me is how pertinent the conference themes of collaboration, communication, passion and togetherness have been to me and how they have enabled me to get to where I am today,” said Padideh Raphael, head of Asia Pacific Equity Derivatives Sales.

Several external speakers also shared insights into their diverse journeys and experiences, including Naoko Yamazaki, Japan’s second female astronaut; His Excellency Scott Wightman, British Commissioner to Singapore and Janice Lee, New York Times bestselling author.

On the importance of diversity and the roles of individuals, Ken Hitchner, president of Goldman Sachs in Asia Pacific Ex-Japan, said, “Diversity is a core value to the firm. It involves all of us, both men and women, collectively taking an active role in making a difference towards positive change within and beyond the workplace.”

The Asia Pacific Women’s Networks are open to both men and women and play an important role in supporting the firm’s diversity and inclusion strategy.