17 AUG 2018

Ask the Recruiter – Consumer and Commercial Banking Division Edition

Carly, an associate in the Human Capital Management Division, is a recruiter for the Consumer and Commercial Banking Division in New York. She discusses the core businesses and culture of one of Goldman Sachs’ newest divisions and gives advice to candidates exploring a career within the group. 

What is the Consumer and Commercial Banking Division (CCBD)? 
CCBD brings innovative solutions to traditional banking activities and is made up of two core businesses: Digital Finance and the Urban Investment Group. Digital Finance is the firm’s online consumer lending and deposits business, offering personal loans and savings products to individual clients. This group aims to help a broad range of individuals achieve financial progress through customizable solutions grounded in value, transparency and simplicity.

The Urban Investment Group engages in social impact investing – deploying capital to generate strong financial results while having a positive effect on communities. The group is a domestic US, multi-asset class investing and lending business that provides capital to a wide variety of community development and revitalization projects.

Why is this an exciting time to work in CCBD?
CCBD is one of our newest divisions and was created as part of our firm’s overall strategy to grow and diversify our banking activities. We foster an entrepreneurial culture and leverage new technology to build a service for our customers and clients from the ground up, all with the backing of one of the strongest financial institutions in the world.

What skill sets and experiences do you look for when hiring for CCBD?
The variety of opportunities within CCBD allows us to hire for a wide range of skill sets, interests and professional and academic backgrounds. Overall, we’re looking for highly motivated candidates who are eager to build something new and change the world by connecting people and capital with ideas.

In addition to traditional skill sets like financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, analyzing business models, and risk management, Digital Finance also looks for candidates interested in digital marketing and analytics, product management and visual design, consumer insights and research and product strategy.

The Urban Investment Group looks for backgrounds in real estate, social impact investing, portfolio management and business development.

I’m interested in applying to Marcus by Goldman Sachs. Is the process different?
If you are interested in applying to Marcus by Goldman Sachs, you would apply to roles in Digital Finance as a subdivision of CCBD. Within Digital Finance there are several functions to choose from, including Strategy & Finance, Data & Analytics, Marketing, and Digital Product & Design. You can learn more about these groups here.

What is it like to interview for CCBD?
Each business conducts interviews a little differently, but all are looking to learn more about a candidate’s working/educational experience, interests and how they can add value to the team. It is common to interview with multiple people with a wide set of backgrounds, which is representative of our team-focused culture. Doing your research and coming prepared with questions should always be a priority before an interview. You should have an understanding of the business and the value you can bring, and apply that to the conversation as you learn more.  

What advice do you have for candidates interested in CCBD?
Do your research to familiarize yourself with the business and the areas that would be of most interest and the best fit for you. There is a wealth of information online, including the Goldman Sachs website and recent news articles. Take your interviews, and all conversations you have with the team, as an opportunity to learn more about the firm, the business and the culture. Remember, don’t be shy if you don’t have a finance background as CCBD offers a wide mix of opportunities. Many of our professionals have come from outside the industry, and we encourage all majors to apply.

How do I apply?
If you’re a student, visit our program finder to learn about our programs and apply. If you’re an experienced professional, view our latest opportunities.