My Internship at Goldman Sachs: Australian Edition

18 FEB 2016

From developing new skills to building a network, learn what it’s like to intern at Goldman Sachs from our interns in Australia, who concluded their program on February 12.

Goldman Sachs offers a wide range of internship opportunities all over the world. Last week our interns in Australia and New Zealand, who are based in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland, concluded their summer program. Hear firsthand from Sean, Brooke, Gavin and Louisa about their experience. 

Sean from Global Investment Research on developing his skills:
I studied commerce at university, not finance, so I had been exposed to financial markets but was by no means an expert. I was nervous about whether I had the right skills to be successful in my internship but my buddy reached out and told me there was nothing to worry about. The firm has so many resources to help you learn and grow. For example, I built my financial modeling skills through Goldman Sachs University. Everyone was also keen to help me learn on the job. I learned so much from spending time with the firm’s portfolio strategists, economists and equity researchers.

Brooke from Operations on making an impact:
One of the best things about my internship was being able to add value to my team in a way that will continue to have a positive impact long after I leave. One project I worked on was an online solution to improve how my team tracked certain manual client payments. We explored the technology’s capabilities and collaborated to further improve the efficiency of the process. We then documented the new process for the procedure manual, trained the team on the processes, and did a final handoff at the end of the summer.

Securities strat Gavin on learning to network:
The internship program at Goldman Sachs encourages more than technical skill development. The weekly Intern Learning Series covered topics like how to communicate effectively in the workplace. Before the internship I was quite timid about networking; it wasn’t something that came naturally to me. I now feel confident introducing myself to new people and getting to know them on a professional level. I’m looking forward to leveraging that skill to build my academic network when I return to university.

Louisa from Investment Banking on the Goldman Sachs culture:
One of the most striking things about the Goldman Sachs culture is that every person’s contribution is valued, no matter their position or years of experience. As interns, we were encouraged to ask questions, share our opinions and play an active role supporting live deals. There is a strong culture of teamwork and collaboration. When working on projects, I was given the opportunity to not only collaborate with my own team members, but to work across teams and offices exposing me to the firm’s global network and knowledge base.

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