Careers Blog Year in Review 2016

22 DEC 2016

We take a look back at the 20 most popular careers blog posts in 2016. The articles cover topics such as career advice, our summer intern class and changes in the recruitment process, to name just a few:

1) 2016 Back-to-School Reading List
Whether you’re heading back to campus this year, back to the office or just looking to get back into the swing of things this fall, the Goldman Sachs second annual Back-to-School Reading List features book recommendations for every age and career stage.                                       

2) My Summer at Goldman Sachs
Follow the latest advice, stories and experiences of the Goldman Sachs summer intern class of 2016.

3) If I Were Graduating Today: Goldman Sachs Leaders Share Advice to their Younger Selves
Goldman Sachs Leaders Share Advice to Their Younger Selves: Whether it’s reading more, worrying less, learning how to code or taking the road less traveled – what advice would you give to your younger self if you were graduating today? Goldman Sachs leaders across the firm and across the globe share their responses.

4) Lessons from Lloyd: Our Chairman and CEO on Starting Your Career
Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein spoke with Goldman Sachs interns from around the world and shared advice for charting a successful career path. The session was part of ‘Explore GS,’ a summer-long speaker series for interns at the firm.

5) How I Reset: Goldman Sachs Leaders Share Their Routines
The New Year presents an opportunity to pause, reflect and reset. With this in mind, senior Goldman Sachs leaders across the firm and the globe shared their responses to the same prompt: “Whether it might be a favorite book, a fitness regime, a person you turn to for advice or perhaps a mental practice of reflecting – how do you reset?”
6) VIDEO: Meet the Goldman Sachs Summer Intern Class of 2016
We surveyed our summer interns to gain insight into their perspectives on a variety of topics, such as media usage, lifestyle and outlook for the future.

7) Ask the Warsaw Recruiters
Meet Goldman Sachs recruiters Rick and Liza, co-leads of the firm’s operations and technology recruiting strategy in Warsaw, and learn more about opportunities in this rapidly growing office.

8) Ask the Former Interns: Preparing for Your Internship 
In the first edition of a six-part intern advice series, former interns who now work in our offices around the world share words of wisdom on how to prepare for an internship at Goldman Sachs.

9) Changes in Campus Recruiting
Students on campus will soon have new ways to connect with Goldman Sachs for learning about career opportunities and interviewing with the firm.

10) Seven Tips for a Successful Virtual Interview
Learn how to master the art of interviewing on camera.

11) Ask The Engineering Recruiters
Recruiters Catherine and Mallory discuss career opportunities in engineering at Goldman Sachs.

12) A Conversation with Chief Information Officer Marty Chavez
Chief Information Officer Marty Chavez spoke with interns from around the world and reflected on his background, career path and the impact of technology on the financial industry. The session was part of ‘Explore GS,’ a summer-long speaker series for interns at the firm.

13) Spotlight on Goldman Sachs Olympians
In the spirit of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, seven Olympic athletes across Goldman Sachs share their stories from prior games and how the experience has shaped their lives.

14) Ask the Recruiter: Liberal Arts
Erika, a recruiting manager in New York, and Dianne, head of University Relations and recruiting in Salt Lake City, discuss the breadth of career opportunities for liberal arts majors at Goldman Sachs.

15) Goldman Sachs Interns on Media, Messaging and Marriage
Before they returned to campus, we asked our global class of summer interns to share their preferences on everything from where they get their news to how they communicate with friends. Their answers touch on some of the most closely watched social and economic trends of today, including home buying, saving and more.

16) Spotlight on Careers: Salt Lake City
Opened in 2000, our office in Salt Lake City has become one of Goldman Sachs’ largest in the world.

17) Goldman Sachs Analysts Win Funding for Nonprofits in Internal Global Competition
As part of the Goldman Sachs Gives Analyst Impact Fund competition, analysts around the world vied for a first-place grant towards a nonprofit of their choice.

18) EMEA Female MBA Interns Share Best Advice
The EMEA female MBA intern class of 2016 share the best advice they have heard from other women in business.

19) A Journey from Analyst to Managing Director
Vidya Lakshmi, a newly promoted managing director in Bengaluru, reflects on the twists and turns of her career and the lessons learned along the way from analyst to MD.

20) Goldman Sachs Named Best Banking Firm to Work For in 2017
The career website recognized Goldman Sachs as #1 on the “Banking 50” list of top banking employers overall in its annual survey of top banks.