Digital On Demand Learning: Our Securities Knowledge Exchange

12 MAR 2019

In 2015, Goldman Sachs launched the Securities Knowledge Exchange (SKE), an interactive learning platform designed to allow just-in-time learning for analyst and associates in the Securities Division globally. The exchange was developed by the Learning and Engagement team within Human Capital Management and features five key finance topic modules: valuation, programming, derivatives, capital markets, and macroeconomics. 

We spoke with Kerryann, vice president in Learning & Engagement and global manager for learning in the Securities Division to learn more about the platform.

Q. Where did the idea for this platform come from?   
Kerryann: The five modules were designed with and strongly sponsored by the Securities (Sales and Trading) division with a network of dedicated partners of the firm acting as sponsors to ensure that everything learned relates back to the business and can be leveraged on the desk.

Users view bite sized videos that work best for how your brain learns along with additional materials, case studies and exercises to embed learning from a practical perspective. The insight videos feature perspectives of Goldman Sachs subject matter experts translating the content to commercial implementation.

There is also additional support from subject matter experts in the business to ensure that users can problem solve for any questions they may have.

Q. It’s been a few years since SKE was developed, what is the vision moving forward for the platform?

Kerryann: The vision for SKE is to leverage this platform to offer new and exciting modules that relate to skills and knowledge that analysts want to learn such as data science and more programming languages. We are in constant dialogue with the Securities (Sales and Trading) Division which is very committed to ensuring their people are fulfilled and engaged from a learning perspective. We partner with the division and our current analyst class to ensure that what we offer is current and impactful for their development and we will continue to evolve the content offered on this platform. Since the development of SKE, the platform is now offered to analyst globally. The firm’s leadership agrees that analysts outside of the Securities (Sales and Trading) division could benefit from deepening their level of knowledge on these core financial topics.

Q. What are some results you have seen from participating in SKE? What is the response from the division?

Kerryann: While SKE was developed for analysts, the response has been positive from all levels, and we have opened access globally via the Goldman Sachs University learning portal. We are also seeing many individuals who are interested in learning skill sets outside of their desk taking modules on SKE. Several analysts who completed modules have leveraged the platform as a way to prepare for internal mobility. Analysts use it as a way to learn more about an area of interest (i.e. programming) or broaden their knowledge base of products (i.e. derivatives). Users are more in touch with the markets, can have more informed conversation with clients and stakeholders and are ultimately adding more value in a quicker timeline to their desks by having a broadened and diverse perspective on other businesses and subject areas.

Q. How does SKE differentiate the Securities analyst experience at Goldman Sachs from the junior experience at other companies?

Kerryann: We want our analysts to have every opportunity to build both professional and technical skills that we know will have an impact on their career. The structured curriculum delivered through digital platform allows our analysts to build both skills and confidence in their day to day role while also having an opportunity to satisfy their intellectual curiosity for content and subjects outside their desk.

I also believe that the partnership from the division in how the modules were developed highlights the value that the division and the firm places on learning and developing across their career here. This approach represents a new way of learning for the next generation of professionals at the firm and we look forward to helping them develop and learn.