Explore GS: A Conversation on Sustainable Finance

09 JUL 2020

Each summer, our Explore GS series provides our interns around the world with insights and advice from leaders across the firm. This year's series started with a panel discussion on Sustainable Finance.

Erika Irish Brown, our Chief Diversity Officer, moderated the discussion with panelists Kara Mangone, Chief Operating Officer of the Sustainable Finance Group, Margaret Anadu, Head of the Urban Investment Group, and Megan Hogan, Global Head of Diversity Recruiting. The panelists shared how their teams contribute to sustainability and inclusivity within Goldman Sachs and in the communities in which we live and work.   

What they say...

 “Racial inequity is not just a topic for those who it effects, or just in the Americas where the most recent incidents have occurred.”

Erika Irish Brown, Chief Diversity Officer


“When we started the Urban Investment Group back in 2001, we had a pretty simple thesis: we wanted to deploy the firm’s both financial capital and intellectual capital into the communities around us, and do so in a way where we could drive strong financial returns that are truly sustainable in underserved communities around the US.”

– Margaret Anadu, Head of the Urban Investment Group


“It starts with our purpose as a firm: to advance sustainable economic growth and financial opportunity… and there are two pillars that come from that: one is a focus on inclusive growth – that is an acknowledgement that we’re not currently in a system where growth accrues equally to all individuals […] the second is climate transition – and that is, how are we combatting the effects of climate change on our planet.”

– Kara Mangone, Chief Operating Officer of the Sustainable Finance Group


“We have to think about the lack of opportunity and equity that is not visible to us. In terms of how we think about it, it’s not just about inviting students to apply to the firm, we do a lot of work and think about our strategy in four pillars. Attraction, preparation, relationships, and advocacy.”

Megan Hogan, Global Head of Diversity Recruiting

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and check back for more updates from our Explore GS series over the next few weeks.