How Goldman Sachs Champions Wellness in the Workplace: A Recap of Our Global Resilience Series

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, the Goldman Sachs Wellness team kicked off a Global Resilience Series in our offices around the world. The series offered programs and activities to help manage work and life priorities, strengthen relationships and improve overall well-being. Over 4,000 employees globally participated in the series.

Take a look at how we champion wellness around the world.


Optimizing Our Differences to Build Resilience, Dr. Andrew Shatté, chief science officer of meQuilibrium

Optimizing Our Differences
At Goldman Sachs, we know that it is important to learn how to work with different types of personalities, so we brought in Dr. Andrew Shatté, chief science officer of meQuilibrium, the firm’s online resilience portal that is available to all employees. Dr. Shatté discussed how understanding both our own and our colleagues’ unique personality types can optimize our working relationships and help us thrive at work. Attendees learned tools to build resilience and developed skills to create more productive teams.

Instructor guides a yoga class in Salt Lake City


Resilience Recharge Yoga
Professionals were encouraged to step away from the desk for an hour and join in a Resilience Recharge yoga class. Participants were provided with mindfulness skills that can be incorporated both in and outside the office.


Asia Pacific

Winter Olympic Gold Medalist, Alisa Camplin

Resilience in Action
Hearing how others overcome obstacles can be a powerful tool in developing your own resilience. Alisa Camplin, the first female Winter Olympic gold medalist in Australia, shared her inspiring story. Alisa famously landed a spectacular triple twisting double somersault at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics just six weeks after breaking both her ankles. “It was an extremely powerful and inspiring story, incredible to hear what Alisa has overcome,” said a participant of the session.




Food for Thought
It can be easy to overlook how much your diet impacts your productivity. In this session, senior registered dietitian Alison Clark discussed mind-gut connection, which nutrients you need to feed your brain and how food can help you think more clearly. The session introduced attendees to new and novel approaches that they may never have considered before.



Professionals participate in on site de-stressing class

Class to Unwind
The team in India launched on-site classes to unwind, an initiative aimed to encourage conversation around mental health and resilience. These high-impact, short-duration sessions will be conducted regularly, and will focus on breathing, mindfulness and guided meditation activities to reduce stress and anxiety.


The Global Resilience Series sessions across the globe spanned several relevant topics and positively impacted many participants’ personal and professional lives. “This is valuable and it’s having an impact on our employees,” reflected Alex Levy, a managing director in the Securities division who participated in the series.