Goldman Sachs Engineers Showcase Open Source Projects and More at JavaOne Conference

19 OCT 2017

A team of Goldman Sachs engineers participated in the JavaOne conference in San Francisco earlier this month. They delivered seven talks and a keynote speech, held tutorials on Eclipse Collections framework, hosted robot games and demos—all while managing the Goldman Sachs booth that attracted over 700 conference attendees.

The firm’s involvement in the Java community – particularly through open source products and its participation on the Java Community Process Executive Committee – has entrenched the firm within the fast-paced world of Java.

“At JavaOne, we had the opportunity to showcase the firm’s contributions and learn from the contributions of others in the community,” said Nikhil, a vice president in Private Wealth Management Technology. “Goldman Sachs wants to give back to the community by launching and maintaining quality open source projects.”

As an example, in 2012 Goldman Sachs open sourced a high performance, feature rich Java collections framework, which provides specialized object and primitive data structures. In 2015 this framework was migrated to Eclipse Foundation under the name Eclipse Collections. The migration to Eclipse Foundation has enabled external contributions to the framework from the developer community.

Each year, JavaOne highlights how open source solutions have changed the way people are thinking about programming. New features, more frequent releases and increased community involvement are making the platform stronger and empowering its users.

“The pace of change in both Java technology and governance is nothing short of amazing and will have a profound effect on the Java ecosystem,” said Vladimir, a managing director in Platform Business Unit. “The sheer number of developments in the Java space made this year’s conference a special one.”